Halifax. Strong branding.


Today was Yorkshire day, everyone, and Yorkshire treated us to sunshine, rain clouds, thunder and HAIL. Thanks Yorkshire.

Me and Alex went over to Halifax, as today was the grand opening of the newly renovated Piece Hall, a public space with a fascinating history.


And look at these LOVELY benches!

I’m a big fan of the Piece Hall’s branding, and what a treat to see it incorporated so gorgeously into this beautiful wood like this.

It was a rainy day, and although this is mostly bad, it did add a beautiful shine to the concrete (and stone paving), and emphasise the wood’s gloriously rich colouring.


There are different kinds of benches, the ones with the branded back rests, and ones without (pictured here with small child running along them). Nice to have leaning vs non-leaning options I guess!

There’s an interesting slope underneath the slats which is presumably more for aesthetic reasons than ergonomic reasons, but it does look good.

The benches are beautifully constructed, incredibly sturdy and well-finished, and hopefully built to last, although it’s always fascinating (and at times depressing) to see these kinds of projects deteriorate with time. How will they look in a year? 5 years? Will this lovely wood be carved with graffiti? Will this beautifully regenerated space stay clean and fresh or will it go the way of so many other community/retail spaces in small towns across the UK?

Only time will tell. I hope to come back and see.


Comfort of bench: 7/10
Capacity of bench: 4 or 5 on each side (and there are LOADS of them!)
View from bench: 8/10 for my tastes, the Piece Hall is a beautiful building and the huge central square is stunning.
Accessibility of bench: The floor of the piece hall was traditionally sloping and cobbled. They’ve had to add in flat areas to make it more versatile for event spaces, but it’s been very well designed for accessibility, with both slopes and stairs to move across the space. 9/10
Adventure level: Pretty low, it’s about 5 minutes walk from Halifax Train Station. 2/10


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