Slack. Simple.

I like this bench more than it probably deserves.


Situated at a three way footpath junction just outside the small village of Slack, this is an unexpected and welcome bench. I like benches in the middle of nowhere, offering a welcome rest of weary walkers. The first time I found this bench I didn’t need a sit down, but I was enjoying exploring the area for the first time, and seeing this simple bench made me a happy. A couple of weeks later, I did end up sitting on it with some tired friends, and it offered the perfect respite.


The three footpaths leading to the bench are all different and all lovely in their own way. There’s the newly gravelled, wide path up to Slack, the path down towards Hebden, with several water troughs fed by crystal clear gushing stream water, and the beautiful old stone flagged, narrow path leading onwards down the valley.

The view from the bench is wonderful too, looking across the valley. This is a stunning part of the country and there are far better views to be found not far away, but this one is lovely, regardless.

The bench is incredibly simple, the most basic council standard (if I was better at this, I’d have researched when this particular design of bench became commonplace — my guess is the late 80s or earlier 90s, but I might be totally wrong. Either way, many benches of this design or similar that remain intact feel like they’ve been in place a long time, in forgotten corners of the country.) This one is beautifully lichen stained too.


It is reasonably comfortable, and the perfect spot to stop and rest.

Comfort of bench: 7/10
Capacity of bench: 4 people
View from bench: 7/10
Accessibility of bench: Bit tricky to get to. Even the most accessible footpath down from Slack is uneven in places, although less prone to mud. 2/10
Adventure level: You can get to Slack by bus from Hebden Bridge, and they run fairly regularly on weekdays. It’s only about 5 minutes walk from Slack, but still, I’d give this a solid 7/10.


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