Heptonstall. Cantilevered.

Right, I don’t know if cantilevered is the correct term in this circumstance. I probably shouldn’t use words that I don’t understand, but ho hum.


So, we moved up north. Brighton is no longer home. Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, now holds that title, and although I’m still getting settled and missing the city a bit, the countryside round here is pretty brilliant.

These benches are about 15 minutes walk from my new house, just outside the small, ancient village of Heptonstall. I love their simple construction and am surprised to have not seen this design before.


I particularly like this one because of the way it really shows the wood it’s constructed from.

They’re not the most comfortable benches in the world, with quite a narrow seat and back — but as a brief resting spot for walkers at the top of a hill, they’re absolutely fine.

The view is (to me), unremarkable. These benches sit at the edge of a small piece of scrubland, covered in plastic tree protectors, so doubtless in a few years time, this will be a pretty little piece of woodland. Still, there are some pretty stunning views down across Hebden Bridge less than a minute’s walk away, so these benches are pretty scenic nonetheless. For example…


Comfort of bench: 4/10
Capacity of bench: 6 or 7
View from bench: 4/10 (but good views very close by, see above!)
Accessibility of bench: From Hebden Bridge by foot, it’s a steep, and, after rainy weather, challenging walk. From Heptonstall, less so and possible to do on level ground, but with some mud and unevenness. 5/10.
Adventure level: If you walk from Hebden Bridge, maybe 6/10! From Heptonstall more like 3/10.


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