Hebden Bridge. Bench romance.

This is maybe the loveliest bench I’ve found so far.


It’s located at the top of a field, looking down over a farm.


The bench has a beautiful stone inscription embedded into the wall behind it.


‘Unwin’ ’50 years’ ‘P’ ‘M’ ‘Built 2008’

I love to imagine this couple — maybe they live and work on the farm, I don’t know — coming and sitting up here together, looking down into the valley at the home they’ve lived and loved and worked in for so long. And then, alongside the bench…


I wonder if this is a grave/memorial that came before the bench, or a memorial added after. Either way, it’s such a lovely pairing.


The bench itself is simple stone construction — but sturdy, and appears concreted, unlike the dry stone walls beside — with the seats made of beautiful hefty slabs of local stone.

Halfway up a hill, this is a wonderful spot to rest, and it feels a priviledge to share in this family’s happy place.

Comfort of bench: 7/10
Capacity of bench: 5 or 6.
View from bench: 7/10
Accessibility of bench: This is not an easy one to get to. Up a hill across a muddy (in winter) field, or by walking down a very rocky, uneven footpath. 1/10
Adventure level: This is about an hour’s walk from Hebden Bridge. The closest place I know you can get a bus to is Slack, which is about 20 – 30 minutes walk away, but there may be closer. Still. Pretty adventure. 8/10


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