Hardcastle Crags. Rocky.

I just love the construction of this bench.


Super simple. Just a massive slab of wood resting within two perfectly cut rocks.


The bench is quite heavily graffiti scratched, but I don’t think this detracts from it too much.

It’s located in Hardcastle Crags National Trust park, a beautiful wooded valley with zero phone signal and lovely Gibson Mill at its heart. This bench is about halfway along the riverside from the Hebden Bridge end of the valley, and sits alongside the footpath with a lovely view across a weir.

Some might even disagree which way is the right way to sit on his bench.


But at least with no back, you have options!

Comfort of bench: 7/10
Capacity of bench: 4 (maybe 5 or 6 if people sit on the stones!)
View from bench: 7/10, lovely river or lovely forest.
Accessibility of bench: While the National Trust do a great job of maintaining their footpaths, there are a lot of steps, rocks and uneven areas on this footpath. 3/10
Adventure level: I think there are buses that get close to the Midge Hole carpark, and then this is maybe 20 – 30 minutes footpath walk from there. There’s no phone signal in the valley and no easy road access down to this bench. 7/10


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