Gravesend. Tree.

I only took a couple of pictures of this bench because I’d had a long day and was tired and it was getting dark, but I really like it.


Benches that wrap round trees aren’t super unusual, but they still charm me. They’re simultaneously anti-social and intimite somehow. I imagine two people sat on opposite sides slowly edging round to meet each other.


This is a particularly beautiful example, I think. It was in a public park area near the Thames, so presumably put there by the council, but it seems unusually intricate and counter to usual council style benches. It’s a bit ornate, and a bit over the top, but I really love it. I’ve expressed reservations about metal benches before (cold in winter, hot in summer, cling onto the rain), but the green paint coating will help counter the temperature issues, and it’s so beautiful, metal is the only way this could be achieved, so I forgive it.

I find myself wondering if it will be in place long enough that the tree will fill the gap in the middle. I like to think so.

Comfort of bench: 6/10
Capacity of bench: Maybe 8 – 10?
View from bench: Depends on your feelings about industrial scenes. I liked looking out over the Thames to see boats and factories over the other side in Tilbury. (Also, the Tilbury – Gravesend ferry is great if you’re into that kind of thing). I’m going to say 7/10.
Accessibility of bench: You have to get over some grass and up a little hill, but the park is reasonably accessible. 6/10.
Adventure level: I went through a LOT of adventures to get here. But it’s only like 15 minutes walk from Gravesend station, which is like 20 minutes by VERY EXCITING high speed train from London, so not hard. 2/10.


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