Bournemouth. Pier weirdness.

More benches for very tall people.


Really, I should be writing a blog about piers. But lots of people have already done that. Still, I am on a (maybe) lifelong mission to visit each of the UK’s 52 pleasure piers, and here’s Bournemouth Pier. (Top tip, Boscombe, a couple of miles walk down the coast is a WAY better pier)

But we’re here to talk about benches, and Bournemouth pier was the one with the interesting benches. These are dotted along the pier — in theory I would have thought that the tall backs were offering shelter from high winds, but they’re up against protective glass panels, so even if that was the intended function, it’s pointless here. Perhaps it’s more psychological protection.

They’re also unusually divided up by arm rests, creating a seperate area for one person, with a wider space for two side by side. A logical choice perhaps, for the height of summer, where strangers might end up sharing these benches, and arm rests do offer the deceptive illusion of privacy.

The benches themselves are comfortable enough, in a unremarkable way. Lots of them are memorials, which is always nice.


One of the things I love most about piers is being on that liminal space between sea and land. If you look down, you can see the sea between the pier slats. And if you look out, you’re as far out as the surfers, almost among them, if you pretend hard enough.


In all honesty, aesthetically, these benches don’t float my boat. But their location wins the day. I love piers so much.

Comfort of bench: 7/10
Capacity of bench: 3 per bench. But there are lots of them!
View from bench: 8/10.
Accessibility of bench: Bournemouth pier is pretty wheelchair friendly.
Adventure level: Maybe 15 minutes walk from Bournemouth station. Centre of town. Low. 2/10





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