Amsterdam. Satisfyingly minimal, on the roof.

Yeah I love this. Beautiful modern, minimal benches built into steps. Beautiful modern, minimal benches built into steps on the roof of a museum?! Perfect.


These benches are situated on the top of the NEMO museum in Amsterdam, the science museum. The building is incredible. Anyone can go up on the roof for free, and everyone absolutely should. (Here’s a picture of it)

The whole roof is stepped like this, and dotted with these benches. Some of them are individual seats, which is nice, for those who wish to be alone… (Although on the summer day we were up there, the roof was swarming with children playing in the fountains, so it’d be pretty hard to feel alone. Did I mention there are fountains on the roof?! This place is GREAT)


Possibly they’re modular units, and it’s unclear whether the museum rearrange them for special events/as the mood takes them… it’d be cool if they could. They’ve obviously been custom made to fit perfectly onto the stepped roof, and they’ve been designed really nicely, with shiny metal sides and pleasingly muted wood.

The benches themselves are solid and comfortable, and although they have no arms, arms would feel like a hindrance in this circumstance, because people (adults and children) climb and play in and around them.

It goes without saying, the view is amazing. These might be some of the finest benches in Amsterdam in that respect.


Comfort of bench: 7/10.
Capacity of bench: Individual benches just 1 or 2 people, but there are LOADS of these up on the roof. Bring all your friends.
View from bench: 9/10
Accessibility of bench: While it’s fun to climb the stairs to the roof, there is also a lift up there, but once you’re up there you’ll probably still have to climb a few big wide stairs to get to the benches.
Adventure level: Central Amsterdam, 10 minutes walk from the main station, but climbing up onto the roof can feel like a bit of an adventure if you make it that way. 4/10



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