Amsterdam. Luxury back rest.

Check THIS out. I mean… I guess it’s some kind of luxury, right? Bench back taller than anyone (probably) could ever need?


These are kind of weird, because those extra tall backs almost feel like they’ve been added on as a design afterthought, but I can’t imagine why. Privacy? Neck support? Wind protection? (that last one seems unlikely given that they’re facing the water and full of holes anyway)

They’re located on a lower level area by the water (Sea? River? Lake? I’m never quite sure with the Netherlands…) and the only reason you’d go down there is to sit on the benches or lean on the railings and look out.

Yes, this location could possibly be asking for antisocial behaviour, (and there was a lot of litter down there), but I still like the idea of these little secluded bench areas, and despite their illogical shape (or probably because of it), I really like them. I mean just look how tall they are.


They’re comfortable and generously sized, and made of strong wood showing no signs of damage or rotting (despite graffiti and exposed location). And they have a wonderful view of the Amsterdam film museum.


Comfort of bench: 8/10. Maybe that extra head resting really does make a difference
Capacity of bench: Maybe 6?
View from bench: 8/10, bonus is that you get to watch loads of boats going past
Accessibility of bench: It’s down some stairs, maybe 5 or 6 stairs from what I remember, with no ramp unfortunately.
Adventure level: If you’ve made it to Amsterdam, it’s 5 minutes walk out the back of Amsterdam Centraal station. 2/10


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