London. Considerately raised.

I do like it when planners actually think about the people who are going to sit on their benches, and even more so when they go to these lengths to make sure you’re not just looking at a wall.


I mean look at that. They’ve built a little bench plinth, or bench stage, if you will.

The view isn’t even that remarkable — it’s just a load of buildings opposite (although those buildings are the moderately pleasing juxtaposition of the International Maritime Organisation and the London Fire Brigade Headquarters — ‘fire and water, together at last’)… But clearly, it’s a much better view than that wall would be, and so this slightly crude raised platform has been built especially.

It’s not even made of the same material as the surrounding pavement, which is quite classy and expensive light grey stone… it’s bog standard concrete paving tiles.

This makes me wonder whether it was built at a later date, and, if yes, whether it was built as the result of someone complaining. I can’t believe that Westminster City Council has *that* much spare cash lying around that it would respond to every frivolous whim directed at it, but it does kind of make me want to look out for minorly inconvenient infrastructure situations and write formal letters to them to see if they’ll implement charming but altogether unnecessary and excessive solutions like this.

As for the bench itself, pretty bog standard, old school wooden slatted construction. I’m not particularly into this design of bench, but they’re comfortable and fairly sturdy, so functionally successful at least. But this blog is all about the situation, and I just love it.


Comfort of bench: 7/10. These ones are always pretty comfortable.
Capacity of bench: 4ish.
View from bench: 6/10
Accessibility of bench: See here’s the thing. Stairs. Surely they could have built a ramp while they were at it…? 😉
Adventure level: Probably only 5 mins from the nearest tube. Low. 2/10



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