Narden-Bussum. First INTERNATIONAL bench!

I love a good train station bench. And these are EXEMPLARY. Well done The Netherlands.


Look at that HIGH SHINE.

Either someone’s painted those recently, or someone cleans them very well, regularly. (And given that I saw a guy power hosing the station steps twice while I was staying there, I’m going to assume the latter).

Interestingly, they don’t appear to be in any way fixed to the ground, which seems unusual, but maybe the Netherlands are more trusting than us. I mean, they’re too huge to even think about stealing, but you could push them out onto the tracks and cause some chaos, if you were that way inclined.

They’re beautifully constructed, with fancy legs and backs, but still as functional and utilitarian as they need to be in a busy public space like this.

They feel like they’ve been there a long time and will continue to be there a long time, unswayed by bench trends and fashions.

In terms of comfort, the seats are satisfyingly deep, allowing you to really have a good rest rather than feeling perched. And the super smooth, shiny paint means you can enjoyably slide yourself up and down them for entertainment while awaiting your train. Again, if you’re that way inclined. (Which in this instance I wholeheartedly am)

Comfort of bench: 8/10
Capacity of bench: About 12 between the two of them
View from bench: Depends how into trains you are. I’m quite into trains. But still, probably only 3/10.
Accessibility of bench: As far as I can remember, the train station had lifts/ramps, so all good.
Adventure level: They’re in Naarden-Bussum train station, around 25 minutes train ride outside of Amsterdam. It’s a little bit off the beaten tourist trail, but still pretty easy to get to. 2/10




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