London. So I heard you like fountains.

Let me put some fountains in your fountain so you can fountain while you fountain.

In all seriousness though, I love a good water feature.


And this bench has an EXCELLENT view of fountains. Located in the newly redeveloped area behind Kings Cross station, close to the canal, these benches look out across some pretty impressive fountains. My friend took me here especially (not realizing I’d be just as excited about the benches as the water), because the fountains are kind of famous.

They were part of a stunt in which you could control them using your mobile phone, and when lit up at night could play snake with them while stood on the top floor of the building opposite. Pretty amazing! Most of the time they’re just on a tantalizingly random cycle which, even in the cold spring air made me want to run in amongst them like a child while squealing with terror/joy.

Unfortunately during most of my pictures, they weren’t running, so they just look like giant puddles.

But enough about the fountains. This is bench blog not fountain blog.


These are GENEROUS benches. You can bring all your friends to hang out on these benches. I only had three friends and it WASN’T ENOUGH!

The thing that really got me excited though, was their curves. Mmmmm, touchable.


The surface texture is kind of rough but that’s okay. Much though it would be nice if they were perfectly smooth, I don’t think they’d disperse water quite as well if they got rained on.

They don’t have a back but who needs one when they’re deep enough to totally spread out on?

Can you tell I like these benches?


If you’re into countryside scenery the view isn’t one to write home about, but you know what? I like buildings. And, as already established, I LOVE a good fountain, so I find a lot to enjoy here.

Comfort of bench: 6/10 (I mean, it’s stone so they get kind of cold, there’s no back or armrests, but the curves do a lot)
Capacity of bench: Like… 10? 15? I have no idea. But if you included all the benches in the square at LEAST 100 people. All getting excited about benches and fountains together.
View from bench: FOUNTAINS! I’ve said enough.
Accessibility of bench: This is one of those fancy gentrified re-developed areas that everyone loves to hate, but it does mean that access is A-ok, with no tricky stairs or other challenges to hinder you from accessing these beauties.
Adventure level: They’re about 5 minutes walk from Kings Cross Station in central London, so… Low. 1/10.




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