Brighton. Is this even a bench?

Ok guys, WHAT IS UP with these chairs.


I am including them on the blog because I suppose, much though I use the title ‘benches’, this is kind of about public seating, and this is what these are. But seriously Brighton council. What the what.

There’s something weird about chairs rather than bench. Perhaps they were chosen so that strangers could sit in them side by side and not invade each others space, and while this is true, the slight angle at which they’re tilted in towards each other conveys a certain sense of intimacy which means that, to me, anyway, they’re arguably more uncomfortable to share with a stranger than a standard bench would be.

These chairs are situated on North Street, which is not exactly the most restful place to have a sit down. I appreciate they might be intended for people awaiting buses, which is thoughtful, but there are already perch benches in the bus shelters, and these are situated some distance away from the actual bus stops, and face away from the direction of oncoming traffic so you wouldn’t see your bus coming in time to run for it.

I don’t ever like to criticize the provision of public seating, because for some people, places to stop and rest are an absolute lifeline in terms of being able to get out and about, but these really are quite weird, and I think, poorly thought out.

I have never seen anyone sit in them (and I have been looking!) because they’re RIGHT by the side of a road along which buses regularly thunder, they’re in the middle of a busy pavement with people pushing back and forth, and they’re in the middle of an area which, at night, is definiely subject to… Ahem… spillages. As you can see. So they’re not gonna be clean.

You know what? I couldn’t even bring myself to sit in them for this review, because I would have felt like an idiot, and they looked grubby as hell. (Despite having only been in place a few weeks) But they don’t look comfortable. Bare legs and short shorts? They’re gonna leave a pattern. That’s a bench no-no in my book. The seat looks like it tilts too far back to be comfortable for anyone with back problems, but I suppose I really should give them the benefit of the doubt.

As for the view, well.


If you like buses and banks, this is the spot for you.

Comfort of bench: Unknown. Doesn’t look great though.
Capacity of bench: 2. Very specifically.
View from bench: Bus-tastic, with bonus fume aromas. 2/10
Accessibility of bench: Good.
Adventure level: Low, super central Brighton, as mentioned, right on a bus route. 1/10.


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