Amsterdam. Options.

I liked this bench triptych.


And this was a grey day. I was not seeing them at their best. But I felt compelled to photograph them nonetheless, mostly because I really like a double width bench. Either people can sit on both sides, or, better, you can really spread yourself out on them, either cross legged facing a friend with a picnic between you, or lying on your back in the sun (the latter clearly not being an option this day in particular).

But if you’re into resting your back? OH, there’s an option here for you too!

Or do you want to rest your back but have a friend who very specifically doesn’t like bench backrests?! You’re still catered for, in your very niche bench requirements.


These benches are sturdily constructed. Those are thick slabs of wood build onto solid foundations. They will well withstand the sea winds and idle teenagers to which they might be subject.

I have a minor beef with the fact that there’s a gap under that back rest because it seems like a place where litter might become trapped, but the Netherlands seem very efficient in their tidying regimes, so I’m sure it’s not really an issue.

These are benches you’re unlikely to encounter on the tourist trail, placed as they are, slightly off the beaten track in an industrial/office estate over the water from the train station. (Yes, that’s the Shell building in the background, ugh)…

If you’re looking for somewhere slightly quieter to have a rest/picnic though, they’re only about 5 minutes walk along from the stunning ‘Eye’ film museum, and another one of those ‘IAmsterdam’ signs, which is probably a bit less busy than some of the more central ones, if you’re looking for your photo opportunity moment.

Plus you get to go on a fun little 3 minute ferry to get here. Sweet!

Comfort of bench: A solid 7/10
Capacity of bench: Like 40 or 50 between the three of them, back to back, I reckon.
View from bench: On the day we were there, miserable, but on a sunnier day not bad, out across the water to some cool buildings. 5/10
Accessibility of bench: All flat, and the ferry from the train station was super accessible.
Adventure level: Pretty close to the central station in Amsterdam, like 15 minutes away probably, but with a FERRY in the middle! So 4/10?



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