Brighton. Interesting but disintegrating.

I stumbled across this bench while out for a stroll with my housemate Justin. I’m surprised I’d not noticed it before, but it is in a slightly strange location for having a sit… At the bottom of one of Brighton’s very steepest hills (the ascent to Queen’s Park Road via John Street/Albion Hill). Specifically, it’s located at the top of Richmond Parade, underneath the big tower blocks.


I’d be much more likely to find myself in need of a bench at the top of that hill, but still, perhaps it sees more use than I credit it with.

There’s obviously an interesting story behind this unusual bench… Lots of funding, and an ‘in memory of’ plaque. So we decided to stop and rest a while.

IMG_4725 IMG_4726

It made me sad that a bench obviously meant to be a lasting memorial to someone special has deteriorated so rapidly (it’s presumably been in place less than 10 years). The construction and shape are unusual, a combination of thin orange metal and wood. The wood has, sadly, rotted away in lots of places, leaving many areas of the bench quite uncomfortable to sit on.


The unusual wavy shape had the benefit of allowing (quite tall) Justin to sit on the highest point and swing his legs: a rarity in benches, for such a tall person.


Another thing which fascinated and amused us was that the bench is surrounded by those black rubberized tiles that you find in childrens playgrounds to stop them hurting themselves. Presumably this is perceived as either a risky bench or a bench that you might have adventures on/around, either of which possibility I find pleasing.

Comfort of bench: 3/10
Capacity of bench: 6 or 7, if someone sits on the really low bit.
View from bench: Kind of meh. It’s just a road, but you might get a bit of pretty sunset if you go at the right time. 3/10
Accessibility of bench: It’s up a small hill, but pretty easy to get to.
Adventure level: It’s only about 10 minutes walk from Brighton train station. To add some adventure, go to Planet India, which is right by this bench, and makes the best Indian food in all of Brighton. 2/10


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