Menai Bridge. The bench where I had my first kiss.

I went back home for the first time in a few years (and obviously the first time since starting this blog), so I figured I should share this very significant bench in my life! And ain’t it a looker.

It’s located close enough to the secondary school in Menai Bridge to be walkable to on a lunchbreak, but far enough away that people rarely went there. It has a beautiful romantic view of a roundabout.


I mean, as roundabouts go, it’s not that bad, although as locations for first kisses go, it does have the added peril of being visible from one of the busiest road junctions on the island. He could have chosen better. There are a lot of other much better benches in Menai Bridge.

As for the bench itself…? Well, it’s unremarkable. I doubt it’s been painted since I sat on it 11 years ago. It’s getting a bit licheny. It’s fairly standard slatted wooden construction. It is situated on its own special patio though!

Comfort of bench: 6/10
Capacity of bench: 4 or 5.
View from bench: Yeah, it’s a roundabout. I mean, one of the roads from the roundabout leads to a pretty exciting bridge but… you can’t really see it from there.
Accessibility of bench: It’s easily accessible along pavements from several different directions. 9/10
Adventure level: North Wales is quite a long way from quite a lot of places. Once you’re there it’s about an hour’s walk from Bangor train station, or a 15 minute bus ride away. It’s right in the middle of the village. 3/10



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