Torquay. Weighty.

This is one of those benches that you’ll only come across if you’re actively curious and/or looking for nice places/views.

It’s tucked away down a little footpath which doesn’t lead on anywhere, just down onto this cliff-top promontory. (You could possibly clamber down the steep cliff-side to the bottom and get a good fishing spot, but it looked terrifying to me.)


I only went down there because I needed a wee and the nearby public toilets were locked because it was winter and apparently no one needs to wee in winter.

Anyway, as a spot to wee, I don’t recommend it. It’s faintly terrifying because you’re basically on the edge of a cliff. But as a spot to sit on a bench, it’s a great one, and this is a great bench.

The inscription for three people starts with ‘in loving memory in their favourite spot’, and I can definitely imagine this being a favourite spot.

It’s also a quality memorial bench. Not just a little plaque on the back of a standard wood-slat council bench, this is a custom made (probably) granite beast. Although benches of this type are rendered un-sittable on for a fairly substantial time after rain due to puddles of water, and in the winter are spectacularly cold on the thighs, on a fairly warm spring day like this one, it’s a great sit.

Wide and smooth and tactile (although with faintly unsettling gravestone connotations), it’s a worthy and quality memorial, with incredible views along the coast in both directions. Would sit again.

Comfort of bench: 7/10 (I do like a back rest, but you can’t have everything, and this is about as good as non-back rest benches get)
Capacity of bench: 4, maybe 5 at a push
View from bench: Pretty stunning (see below). 9/10
Accessibility of bench: Although there are no steps, the footpath down to it is a little bumpy and tricky. 3/10
Adventure level: Although we stumbled across it towards the end of a 7 mile walk, it’s actually pretty close to the road and car parks and a touristy bench, so not very. 2/10.



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