Menai Bridge. Here be dragons!

Special edition ‘benches from my childhood’ entry. I don’t have any especially good pictures of these benches, but I’m going back ‘home’ soon, so I might try and take some more while I’m there and update this post with better ones.

But in the meantime, here’s the best I can do (in this picture I’d just stepped on a slug and was thoroughly upset and going to wipe my foot on the grass)…


My favourite thing about those benches is the pointy arrow supports. Upsettingly I can’t remember whether they’ve actually got dragon faces underneath, or whether, as a child, I just thought they had dragon faces.

Menai Bridge was the nearest village to my childhood home, and where I went to school, but these benches are in the beautiful parkland down by the Menai Straits, which, as a young child, wasn’t somewhere that me and my mum often visited. I was first taken here on a church Sunday School adventure when I was around 5 or 6 (every mothers day we’d go and pick flowers from the local parks, which possibly is illegal?!) and I remember first noticing the ‘dragon benches’, which are interspersed throughout the parks.

As a teenager, me and friends would meander aimlessly through Menai Bridge’s beautiful outdoor spaces, obviously totally not appreciating their beauty or charm, because teenagers, whatever, etc…

We would sometimes stop in this bit of park and rest on the benches, taking it in turns to try and perfect our cartwheeling, back-flipping, roly-polying skills on the immaculately kept bowling greens (that I never even saw anyone playing bowls on)

Anyway, enough nostalgia. These benches are not the most comfortable benches in the world, especially given that they only have one back-rest slat, but they’re reasonable, and you could happily stop and eat a mega-bap from Menai Deli here.

Considering how cash-strapped the local council is, they’re remarkably committed to keeping them painted a fairly vibrant, grass-clashing shade of green.

Comfort of bench: 5/10
Capacity of bench: Pretty generous. I reckon you could fit 10 people on one of them, at a push, and there are two side-by-side here, plus loads more throughout the park
View from bench: It’s a bowling green. What’s not to love? 6/10 (going up to 9/10 if there were actually bowls being played)
Accessibility of bench: I can’t actually remember whether there’s any step-free way down to this part of the park… if there is, it’s probably a wonky, tricky little hill. I’ll give it 3/10 to be safe.
Adventure level: If you’ve actually made it this far into North Wales, well done. But they’re in the middle of the village and pretty easy to get to by car, and EVEN bus (if you can find one), 2/10.



They totally are dragons. And they’ve been painted!



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