London. Green park.

A park full of very standard UK council benches, but they are pleasing to me nonetheless.


Because this is London, where all the money is, these benches are always well painted and shiny and clean. The metal supports are intricate but understated, and the benches are generously sized, either for groups of friends or strangers who don’t want to have to sit too close together.

Despite this being a very busy public park, it’s spaciousness and wide paths mean that you can relax on these benches without feeling crowded by other people, even in the busy height of summer when people spill off the benches into picnics on the grass.

I have found myself tired after an exciting day in London many a time, and somehow often end up in Green Park, incredibly grateful for a place to sit and ease my legs. These benches suffer a little from bucket-seatedness, and lean back slightly too far, as do many of their ilk, but it’s not bad enough to be an issue unless you specifically suffer from back problems.

Comfort of bench: 6/10
Capacity of bench: At least 6, maybe 7.
View from bench: Pleasing parkland. 6/10
Accessibility of bench: Fairly good, smooth, wide paths running throughout the park.
Adventure level: Low. It’s right in the middle of London. You can get here preeeetty easily. 1/10



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