Lewes. Possibly sentient, religious theme.

I got pretty excited about this bench. As we encountered it on my birthday outing I was able to DEMAND that everyone pose for photos, because that’s the kind of thing you can do on your birthday.

For starters, it’s in a wall. That’s already pretty great. I have a LOT of love for benches that are built into things as opposed to being standalone objects. For seconds, look at the quality of that wall! Someone really thought about putting a bench here, and about making it a genuinely awesome bench rather than just an afterthought. It’s got an arch!

And that stone above it! “I will give you rest”… Hell yes you will, especially if, like us, you’ve just climbed over a giant hill from Glynde. My partner reminds me that it’s actually a religious reference and there’s a psalm noted underneath, but if you’re not into that kind of thing, don’t let that put you off. You don’t have to be religious to sit on this bench. (Although the bench may disapprove, there’s nothing it can do, it’s a bench.)


As if all that weren’t enough, it’s in Lewes, which is full of these kind of winding, quaint, beautiful streets, and this bench is located on one of the best of them.

You can’t see from my picture especially, but it’s even got little arm rests. And there’s a bin right by it so you can dispose of your snack packaging responsibly. (Because this is a great place to eat a snack).

Although this bench wouldn’t give you a substantial amount of shelter from the rain, it’s better than many, especially if you tuck yourself in a bit.

The only downside is that, because it’s on a slope, if you end up sat to the right (as in the picture above), it’s a little short. But that’s a small grumble on an otherwise exceptional bench. Top marks Lewes.

Comfort of bench: 8/10 (dropping to 5/10 if you’re sat on the short bit)
Capacity of bench: 6. And really no more than 6, because of the arm rests. Limited potential for squishing extra people in.
View from bench: Technically it’s just a wall opposite, but it’s on such a lovely little road that overall I’m happy to give this 7/10
Accessibility of bench: It’s a bit of a mission to get up the hill if you’re walking, but it is right by a road, and there’s a drop pavement just along from it.
Adventure level: If you get off the train at Glynde and walk over the hill to Lewes as we did, then that’s a solid 5/10 adventure. But you know, you could drive here or walk from the train station at Lewes in about 20 minutes, so technically it’s only about 2/10.



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