Ladybower. Simple, utilitarian.

Sometimes a bench sticks in your memory because you were just SO TIRED and glad to see a bench. This is one such bench. Because, let’s face it, it’s not exactly a looker.


Neither is it a bench to lounge on. You wouldn’t stop here and eat your lunch. It’s just high enough to mean that a bit of effort is required to remain safely seated.

But it (and others like it) are positioned along a walking trail along the edge of the Ladybower reservoir, and are perfect for briefly taking the weight off your legs when a rest is required.

Benches made of this kind of unfinished wood are often damp (obviously unpleasant) but rarely covered in actual puddles, other than after very recent rain. This means that, with appropriate bum insulation, they can be safely sat on at almost any point, rather than many other benches rendered out of bounds by rainfall even much earlier in the day.

The view from the bench is mostly trees, but with tantalizing sneak peeks of the beautiful reservoir beyond. I wouldn’t endorse this bench for a stop of more than about 5 minutes though.

Comfort of bench: 3/10
Capacity of bench: 2, ideally (see picture below), 3 at a squeeze, maybe 4 skinny people
View from bench: If you’re into nature (which I guess most people probably are), it’s around 6/10. It’s nice, but not spectacular. If you could see more reservoir it would be better.
Accessibility of bench: It’s ‘on the beaten track’. The footpath, as far as I can remember, was much like you see in the picture above all the way. Fairly smooth, but still worth taking care. 4/10
Adventure level: Moderate. I can’t remember exactly where it was, but it wasn’t that far from the Ladybower visitor centre (toilets + carpark)… See this google streetview: walk in the direction the camera is pointing… I’d give it about a 5/10, because you can’t drive or public transport to anywhere super close by.



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