Torquay. High enough to swing your legs from.

This is the bench that started it all. The moment I sat on this bench I said ‘oh my goodness I should write a blog about great benches and this can be the first one!’

Maybe it was because I was really tired that I felt such a strong connection with the bench. I had just climbed a fairly big hill, and been walking around all day. But still, I think this bench is worthy of mention on it’s own merits, rather than just my physical and emotional state when I encountered it.

It’s actually two benches. Two benches high enough that, when sitting on them, you can swing your legs. (If you’re about 5′ 6″ like me.)


It’s two benches sat in a nice little walled enclave, with their own mini-lawn behind, shaded by trees.

It’s two benches right by shops where you can get sweets and fizzy pop to sit on the benches and eat. (If I remember correctly there’s a pretty good chip shop just up the road too, and this would be an excellent place to consume those chips)

The benches themselves are fairly standard council fare, but I do quite like that style of pebbly concrete supports and classic dark wood.

The only possible downsides are that they’re right by a road (but this is also useful), and that they’re under a tree which means a greater likelihood of bird poop incidents. (But also a certain amount of shade from rain, so swings and roundabouts.)

Comfort of bench: 7/10
Capacity of bench: I reckon you could fit 10 people along the two of them
View from bench: Unremarkable, but acceptable. 5/10
Accessibility of bench: Flat, smooth pavement, right next to lowered curb from zebra crossing. 9/10
Adventure level: Assuming you’ve adventured as far as Torquay already, these are around 10 – 15 minutes walk from the train station, so very low adventure in terms of finding them. 2/10



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